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Content Production Day

Mathieu BWPeter van Keer - Founder at KEERCO

Video-sprints: how to create a video-strategy at scale

I’m a 27 year old tech-savvy video producer and strategist with a background in IT and Digital Marketing.

My work consists of video production (directing, coaching, shooting, post-production) and strategy (ideation & brainstorming, video-strategy, distribution, personal branding through video), with a main focus om educational content (e.g. explainer videos, interviews between experts, podcasts, how to’s, reviews…).


I built my own personal brand in the past few years by using social media like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and I have worked with renowned companies like CapitalatWork, Board of Innovation, Netwerk Ondernemen, Arhs-Group, Karel De Grote University, Albert Heijn, Hello Bank!, and personal brands such as Michael Humblet, Magali De Reu, and much more.


> You can download the slides here <


Yan Ketelers BWYan Ketelers - Growth strategist at LiveFast

What can we learn from hypes

I’m a growth marketer, communication and revenue strategist with a product centric approach.

I first got in touch with the start-up landscape at the age of 22 when I joined the three founders of Bubble Post as first employee. After three years there I joined StoryMe as Strategic Director. At both companies I was part of a digital first and innovative management. I’m now freelancing and active as Head of Marketing and Revenue at Delta.app (a crypto tracking application), CMO at Cousteau (a VR agency part of Caviar),Co-founder at Envoy (Feedback management platform for creative agencies). Recently launched a side project Mau.town (custom pet stickers) for fun.

With a strong passion for startup management and new technologies, I love to share sexy keynotes and inspire with product and marketing best cases and fuck-up experiences.

In my free time you’ll see me working on side projects and lunching with inspiring people. But also snowboarding during the winter and wakeskating in the summer, and competing for a Belgian Championship this year.

> You can download the slides here <

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