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Social Media Day

Delphine BW Delphine van Belleghem - Freelancer 
 “Get creative! How to translate your marketing goals into creative social     media content.

 Delphine is a digital native and passionate about social media marketing. She started her   career as a communication officer in an ngo. After 6 years of experience in the international   development sector, she took the leap to become a freelancer.

 Since then she has supported dozens of brands and organisations to tell their story in the   digital   world. By giving concrete advice and a strategic plan they can stick to, Delphine   helps brands   reach their marketing goals through social media.

She teaches social media marketing in “Centrum voor Avondonderwijs” and shares her expertise on her blog http://delphinevanbelleghem.be
When she’s not looking at a screen, you’ll probably find her running with her dog, traveling with her family or enjoying some experimental cooking.

> You can download the slides here <


 Matthieu van den Bogaert - Online marketeer at VlerickPeter BW

 "AI in Videomarketing. Are videomarketers going to be extinct?"

 Matthieu van den Bogaert is a marketer at Vlerick Business School. He had the opportunity   to work as a data analist, a brand marketer and an online marketer, specialised in content   marketing, video marketing and social media. Since 2017 he is a guest lecturer for the   Vlerick masters in marketing programme. As a freelance marketer he helps brands as well   with their online marketing strategy.



> You can download the slides here <



Freek BW

 Freek Stevens -Social media Manager at Punchline

 "Does your company really want to be on social media? And   should they?"

 Freek’s love for social media reached a peak while he was part of the staff at the Scouts   and Gidsen Vlaanderen. The skills which he developed there evolved even further while   working for other youth organisations and CM-Midden Vlaanderen. Next to his passion for   non-profit organisations he has also broadened his digital knowledge in the private sector   as a digital marketeer. His knowledge of SEO, SEA, Customer Journey and digital strategy   are a great addition to his job as a social media manager.

> You can download the slides here <

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